WordPress Reader Update

As you probably know from our social media, Beneath the Tangles has been going through some growing pains over the past few weeks. As part of our migration to our own independently hosted site, we’ve had to migrate all of our WordPress.com features to WordPress.org. It’s all rather complicated on our end, but we’ve been doing our best to make the transition as seamless as possible.

So what does this mean for you?

Right now, our new site has not moved WordPress subscriptions and followers yet. So, temporarily, Beneath the Tangles will not show up in the WordPress.com Reader. We’re working on getting this fixed, but if you rely on the reader to access our new articles, we encourage you to check the site itself for the next week or two. We’ll update you once the transition is complete and the site is back in the regular feed.

Thank you so much for your patience everyone, and maybe you can watch some One Punch Man while you wait!

opm saitama
art by 鈴田 リキ | reprinted w/permission

Featured image by hAku | reprinted w/permission

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