The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 17

Welcome to episode 17 of The Tangles! This month we’re happily celebrating the holiday season with a super special episode for you all! We gathered together several members of our staff (Charles/TWWK, Michael/Samuru, Frank/stardf29, Kaze, Annalyn, and Zeroe4) to answer questions about the year 2015, spirituality, and more! We all wish you a (belated) merry Christmas and a (timely) happy New Year!

Thanks for listening! Feel free to stream the episode below, subscribe on iTunes, or check out our RSS feed! Also, be sure to email us with any questions you would like included in our “Listener Mail” portion, including the name you would like stated in the podcast and your website or blog for us to share!

Time Stamps:
Intro – 0:00
“What was your favorite anime of 2015?” – 1:20
“What is your favorite anime to watch in the winter?” – 5:42
“What scene most impacted you in 2015?” – 10:27
“How have you seen God in your 2015 otaku diet?” – 15:08
“What is your favorite thing about writing for the site?” – 21:37
2015 Recommendations – 28:48
Special Announcement – 33:53
Thank You!! – 35:20

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6 thoughts on “The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 17

  1. I enjoyed this last episode most of all – it was wonderful hearing a bunch of our writers muse on this past year. Great episode! Can’t wait to see what happens in 2016 with the podcast!

  2. Fun episode, I especially liked the love for Aldnoah.Zero, one of my faves for 2015. Looking forward to the new version of the show and how that works out.

    Thanks Charles, Beneath The Tangles has been a great resource for me as an anime newbie, and as the father of an anime newbie. I hope to continue seeing/hearing your takes on anime & spirituality in the future. All God’s best to you & yours! *bang*

    1. You should talk to Zeroe4 some time about Aldnoah! He’s the one who highly recommended it!

  3. Thank you for the recommendations and insights on anime for 2015! I heard another shower of compliments for “Your Lie in April”! I dropped this anime because I simply got lost in other animes in 2015 and…forgot it despite the intriguing storyline and quality animation. Maybe I’ll put it in my new year’s resolution to finish it once and for all!

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