13 thoughts on “What’s In a Logo?

  1. Thanks for the explanation for the logo. I know I & the rest of us writers here heard a lot of the discussion, it’s nice to see it all in one place for our readers!

  2. First Funimation gets a new logo, now YOU GUYS get a new logo?! WOW…at least your logo has a multitude of meanings. Funimation is just white text on a purple background with a creepy smiling “O”. Very creepy.

    In any case, very nice logo signifying new beginnings for your site!

    1. Haha, I didn’t even know about Funimation’s new logo until I checked it out because of your comment!

      Glad our logo isn’t creepy 😉

  3. Love the logo! Glad we have one, it gives us that official type of stamp. We are here to stay, and I know God will continue to do great things with this ministry, as that what I personally see it as. Praying more doors open up this year and the years to come to be a blessing to people here in the USA, Japan and around the world.

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