13 thoughts on “What’s In a Logo?

  1. First Funimation gets a new logo, now YOU GUYS get a new logo?! WOW…at least your logo has a multitude of meanings. Funimation is just white text on a purple background with a creepy smiling “O”. Very creepy.

    In any case, very nice logo signifying new beginnings for your site!


    1. Haha, I didn’t even know about Funimation’s new logo until I checked it out because of your comment!

      Glad our logo isn’t creepy 😉


  2. It seems like you guys have a defined identity now that you have a logo. I love the crisp red and white combo! Keep up the good work!


  3. Love the logo! Glad we have one, it gives us that official type of stamp. We are here to stay, and I know God will continue to do great things with this ministry, as that what I personally see it as. Praying more doors open up this year and the years to come to be a blessing to people here in the USA, Japan and around the world.


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