Holy Week 2016

Today, Palm Sunday, begins the tradition of Holy Week, the week preceding Easter Sunday. Beneath the Tangles is no stranger to celebrating this time of the year. In fact, since 2014, we have given Holy Week some sort of anime-related theme, including our Noragami Easter in 2014 and our Visual Art’s/Key Easter last year.

This year, we’ve decided to shift our theme a bit, and we are excited to be sharing with you some of our writers’ favorite Christ figures in anime! Look forward to seeing these posts over the course of this week, starting tomorrow and ending just before Easter Sunday next week. I don’t want to spoil our staff’s picks, but I think you will be pleased to see the diversity of Christ figures we’ve identified in anime, as well as some critical thought on what differentiates them from Jesus Christ himself!

See you space cowboy…

cowboy bebop see you space cowboy
Sorry, nothing from Cowboy Bebop is going to be featured this week. That was kind of mean of me…

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