Staff Update: A New Writer and Leadership Changes

Staff Addition

According to the Beneath the Tangles mission statement, “Beneath the Tangles will foster an open community where Christians and non-Christians alike can engage in conversation about the intersection of anime, related Japanese media, and belief.” It is this very emphasis that makes Beneath the Tangles truly a special place in its present as a crossroads of sorts between people of different beliefs within the niche community of self-ascribed otaku. And while we approach this fostering of community in the blog format from the Christian perspective, we would be loathe to ignore the great variety of believers that exist within the Church who ascribe to our core values.

It is with this in mind that we are excited to celebrate the diversity of the Beneath the Tangles staff with the addition of Josh W. of Res Studiorum et Ludlum. As a professing Catholic and avid consumer of one of otaku’s long favorite media, the JRPG, Josh will go far in continuing to bridge the gap between people of all beliefs while maintaining the values that continue to make Beneath the Tangles what it is. Look forward to his upcoming monthly articles on Japanese video games!

JoshWJoshW – Writer

Josh’s academic perambulations have taken him from the isle of English literature all the way over to the distant realm of Biblical criticism by way of philosophy and theology. When not geeking out over those subjects he can often be found geeking out over video games, science fiction, and all things animated.

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Leadership Reorganization

If the recent site overhaul, addition of new features, site partnerships, and staff additions (like Josh!) have been any indication, Beneath the Tangles has been experiencing a number of growing pains! While it has been a joy and blessing for me to lead and grow this organization as the sole administrator and editor since Charles’ (TWWK) departure, the site has simply grown beyond what is possible for a single person. It’s dangerous to go alone! And so, Beneath the Tangles has officially established its first leadership team.

Japesland: Executive Editor
Annalyn: Content Editor
Kaze: Outreach Coordinator

While this change won’t likely directly affect many of our readers, we are sure that splitting these duties will not only allow us to continue to offer the same content and services that we have for years, but to do so even better than we ever have before! We’re excited to see what the future holds in store for Beneath the Tangles and you, our readers, and we hope that you’ll join us in this excitement as we continue to grow together.

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