Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day seems to be one of those holidays that sneaks up on me each and every year. This year I was reminded of it partly because my MacBook told me that it was coming up soon, and partly because my own father kindly sent out an email to the family saying, “You don’t need to get me a gift this year… but if you really want to, I’d like [insert very specific gift],” or something along those lines, anyway.

Social obligations aside, fatherhood is a concept that should be especially dear to Christians, who celebrate a Heavenly Father. The Christian importance and general human importance of fatherhood begins to overlap, though, when we begin to talk about human fathers. Beneath the Tangles is no stranger to employing the writing talents of fathers, beginning with our founder, Charles (TWWK), and continuing when we enlisted the help of Matthew (MRNewman) (now a columnist here for Newman’s Nook).

As I pondered what to post today to celebrated Father’s Day, I began to look back through some similar writings published through the years here on Beneath the Tangles. I realized that much of the impact these articles had came from the personal connection that the writer had with being a father. Although I am the chief administrator here now, I would hate to bore you with my take on father’s day, having never had that experience myself. Instead I would like to invite you to look back five years and check out an article by Beneath the Tangles’ figurative father, our founder Charles, that you’ve likely never had the chance to read: My Dysfunctional Anime Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

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