Patreon: Thank You for Your Donations

For many years, Beneath the Tangles has operated completely free of financial obligations. Of course, by the same token, Beneath the Tangles only staffed one person. As time has passed and the site has grown, both a burgeoning readership and a staff to guide them have necessitated an expansion into premium territory. Our Patreon account allows us to host our website independently, advertise on social media to drive traffic and interest in our unique mission, accomplish other growth-focused initiatives, and to do so without any advertising!

A contribution of $2 a month will help us reach an even larger audience through the site.  We of course welcome larger donations as well.  Please visit the link below to find out more information regarding donations:

Support Beneath the Tangles

We’d also like to thank those who have already given!  Please consider visiting our patrons’ sites and accounts:

Tier 2 Partners ($5+/month)

Tier 1 Partners ($2+/month)

To be listed among our giving partners, please contribute a monthly gift through Patreon.

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