TangleCast 18: Finding God in Planetarian

As evidenced by its placement on our Visual Novel Recommendations Page, it’s no secret that we love Planetarian at Beneath the Tangles. Now that we’ve finally received the highly-anticipated 5-episode ONA adaptation, JP (Japesland)Casey (CutsceneAddict), and Kaze are very excited to present and discuss some of our thoughts as to what makes this unique narrative so compelling, especially from a spiritual and/or religious perspective.

And don’t forget to check out the articles by James that we reference throughout the episode, parts one, two, and three! And if you haven’t seen Planetarian yet (shame on you!), stream it for free at Funimation!

As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to listener mail, and everything in between. Please join the conversation by commenting below or submitting a question at our contact page!

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Beneath the Tangles » TangleCast
Beneath the Tangles » TangleCast
TangleCast 18: Finding God in Planetarian

9 thoughts on “TangleCast 18: Finding God in Planetarian

  1. Great podcast as usual. I didn’t know that about the song played in the beginning, being a Catholic; still, it was nice. I have to also see the VN, now that I’ve seen the ONAs. The last episode brought the tearfalls for me, seeing the various depictions of gratitude shown to Yumemi before she shuts down. Another great Key work.

    1. Yeah, this was a particularly good adaptation. I was super glad to see the story done justice, and I’m really hoping to see the upcoming movie!

      1. Well, I saw the VN. And again, I don’t know why, but again the anime touched me more. I was having the feels in the VN, but not as much as from the anime. The plus, though, was seeing more of the Junker’s thoughts in the VN.

          1. Probably. I heard the Drama CD of Planetarian Hoshi no Hito, and boy was I devastated at the end! In a good way! That was a very touching end!

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