TangleCast 32: Game – Kantoku-san 1/2

Every few months, we like to take a couple weeks to play some interactive games. This time around, JP (Japesland)KazeJack (R86), and Casey (CutsceneAddict) play a game of JP’s own creation called “Kantoku-san.” What if you were the kantoku of all anime studios in Japan? Listen in and post your own opinions in the comments below!

As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to listener mail, and everything in between. Please join the conversation by commenting below or submitting a question at our contact page!

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Beneath the Tangles » TangleCast
Beneath the Tangles » TangleCast
TangleCast 32: Game - Kantoku-san 1/2

One thought on “TangleCast 32: Game – Kantoku-san 1/2

  1. My answer to #1: Hatoful Boyfriend. It could make for a fun series of shorts.
    (also, I don’t know very many VNs and manga, so the pool from which I can pick is limited)

    …wow. JP and Kaze have really long arms.

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