ACCA: A Person Caught Up In Things

One of the strongest feelings I get while watching ACCA is that none of this can last. The characters are living relatively peacefully for now, but eventually the sinister plots will come to light and everything will turn sideways. None of that has happened yet, though, and even though we don’t know the true extent of anything, Jean takes all his trials with stride; and as we saw in this episode, a surprising amount of calmness.

You mean besides yourself?

Thanks to Lilium, Jean found out that Nino was watching him. It’s surprising that Jean didn’t figure that out far earlier, as he’s so astute, which indicates that he trusted Nino. This could make Nino the only person Jean trusted besides Lotta. This small revelation makes Nino’s betrayal more hurtful. Even if Nino never saw their friendship as real, Jean did, and although it doesn’t break him out of his shell, we do see a definite reaction.

Does Jean really think this or is he just saying it because he wants Lilium to think he thinks it?

Jean confronts Nino, but he doesn’t lash out in anger or even express his hurt. Instead, he just shows clear, gracious honesty, without even expecting Nino to tell him anything. I would have thought such a revelation would destroy any friendship, or at least turn it into a complete farce, but instead there is genuine truthfulness between them, even if it’s only a little. Jean not wanting Nino to stalk him or get him to tell secrets is straining their friendship, but despite this interference, Nino responds. Even though he doesn’t stop his spying, he shows concern for Jean, and tries to tell him what he can, showing that the friendship was far more reciprocated than it seemed.

Says a person caught up in things.

Despite the pacing, I’m really loving ACCA. We may not be getting any secrets anytime soon, but I really do feel the story is going somewhere great. I often wish it would be more dramatic, but there’s something impressive and mysterious about Jean’s reserved responses. The cliff-hanger ending has me really excited for the next episode. The sub-plot with Lotta and the Prince is funny, and I’m interested to see how it ties in with the main plot. The focus on food is cute, and I think it’s starting to reveal how the differences between districts might make someone want to overthrow ACCA. Perhaps the coup is being organized by someone who wants all the regions to have soft bread. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Perhaps bread is the answer to all of Dowa’s problems.

2 thoughts on “ACCA: A Person Caught Up In Things

  1. Bread theory = new headcanon. But really, thank you so much for your episodic posts on this series! This show is in my top two spots for new anime airing this season (Youjo Senki fills the other), but I am often very confused trying to keep up with what’s going on (that might be partially due to consistently falling asleep when watching then having to rewatch, it’s beautiful and interesting, but sooo relaxing). I love reading your thoughts on it, and you even make me laugh too, which is sorely needed. I’ll be waiting an extra week to read though, as I watch the delayed free episodes!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my posts! I really like ACCA so far as well. I’m not surprised it’s somewhat sleep inducing, though.
      Just so you know, I missed last week’s episode because I was so busy with school, so this week’s post will be a double episode post. Thank you for commenting! 😀

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