Something More: GiTS Bible Study, the Passion in FFXV, and Fear in Orange and Re:Zero

Here we are, another month and almost half way through 2017! It’s unbelievable that time is going by so fast. I continue to do this column because as a Christian who is also a geek, I love that there are others who share my passion. It also confirms that God takes pleasure in all of this, because more and more content keeps popping up every month. I try to bring fresh posts so it’s not the same two or three sites every time. I also pray that you would be encouraged and receive from Holy Spirit as you read or listen to each one. Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this month, or if you want to suggest anything for next month!

A submission from Ikkin has a video discussing not only the FFXV’s overt references to Christianity through surface-level elements (like word choice and architecture), but also the underlying web of associations that the game uses to evoke the Passion of Christ in its own climactic act of sacrifice. (Youtube: Christian Symbolism in FFXV)

Micah posted a great contrast between Rurouni Kenshin and forgiveness. An anime that dives into comparisons of regret and forgiveness, this article does a great job of reviewing one of the OVA’s and discussing forgiveness. Good job! (Otaku Collision)

There was some criticism around the recent movie, Ghost in the Shell. I have yet to see it, but GUG has created a bible study that can be downloaded free for small groups. This is a new series of studies of new and popular movies coming out. They have several other ones, so be sure to check them out!  (Geeks Under Grace)

Speaking of of GiTS, Kevin Cummings explores the question of the Major’s identity, which is central to the film, while also asking the same of himself as he wonders if he’s substituted ways to gain God’s in favor in place of his godly calling in life. (Geekdom House)

Sam gives us a detailed breakdown of the difference between fear and love. Using anime like Orange and Re:Zero to give examples of characters making fearful decisions, he looks inside himself to see if he’s making the same wrong choices.  (Unsheathed)

I haven’t seen the anime You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle, or any of it’s other series but Medieval pulled some great reflections from it. He discusses how our sins and bad habits can only be overcome through Christ, and how we can be set free from our consistent failures to God. (Medieval Otaku)

As part of the Something More series of posts, Beneath the Tangles links to writings about anime and manga that involve religion and spirituality. If you’ve written such a piece or know of one, please contact us to be included.

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