First Impressions: Gakuen Babysitters

Ryuuichi, a transfer student, becomes the unwitting first member of the “Babysitter Club.” It turns out that the elderly chairman (er, chairwoman?) for a prestigious school was not just being nice by taking Ryuuichi and his brother Kotarou in. After the chairman confirms Ryuuichi has experience with babies and toddlers from his years raising Kotarou, he finds himself roped into babysitting the children of the high school’s teachers. All this change finally forces Ryuuichi to face the reality that his parents are gone, and all he has left is his brother, Kotarou. Now he has to balance his attention to Kotarou with five other kids!

I recently re-watched Sweetness and Lightning, and something about this show feels the same. There’s sort of a sadder, deeper story buried in a LOT of cuteness. While the show started very quickly, throwing you into things about as quickly as Ryuuichi was thrown into them, it did wrap up a few loose ends towards the end of the episode. I won’t spoil anything, but there’s a bittersweet moment where a few things are revealed that make you go “Ahhhh, this makes more sense now!” The show may struggle if it doesn’t wrap up all the loose ends it has, but I feel it has a good opportunity for a solid story with a good blend of cutesy moments and more somber times, similar to how Sweetness and Lightning succeeded. So long as Ryuuichi doesn’t become an unchanging, boring character, and the toddlers unique personalities and cuteness continue to be emphasized, I think this will be a great, happy show to put on when you need a good dose of adorable to cheer you up!

So, I initially decided to check this show out figuring it was a “maybe” for my watchlist. Now? Well, I have nicknamed all the kids, and will be tuning in next week. My husband (who I am slowly introducing to anime) even agreed to watch with me, so I’m definitely seizing the opportunity to get another show on his “watched” list!

P.S. My nicknames for the kids, for anyone wondering, are, in order of the kids below: Little Devil, Mini-mom, Tubby Waddles, Bubbles, Raindrops, and Pinkie Pie. Yes, I have reasons for all of those names. Yes, I could probably use more hobbies, haha.

You can stream Gakuen Babysitters on Crunchyroll.

6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Gakuen Babysitters

  1. Yeah, I liked Sweetness and Lighting too so…maybe I’ll like this one? (even tho babysittings’ not my favorite) ^-^’ I also like your nicknames, haha! So cute!

    1. I’m with Emma—you’ll probably enjoy this one if you like Sweetness and Lightning, at least based on episode one!

    2. It’s worth checking out! Haha, I hear you. I used to babysit years ago – I have some fond memories, and many less-than-fond memories of my time doing it. It’s much easier to just watch someone else do it in a show, though – then *they’re* the ones with kids pulling hair, etc. – not you!
      If you do give it a shot, let me know what you think! 😀
      And thanks! My husband laughed at me for them – I thought they were fitting (you’ll maybe see why when you meet the kids)

  2. I absolutely love this one too! The number of really good shows this season keeps growing for me.

    Interestingly enough, this show reminded me more of Shounen Maid than anything else. Of course I absolutely loved Shounen Maid so that bodes well for this series.

    1. Ooohhh, I can see Shounen Maid in there, too, yup! I actually thought of Shounen Maid at the chariwoman’s comment about “every man must work for his daily bread!” Haha

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