Something More: Spirited Away to Anime, Victorian Evergarden, and Memories of Toonami

Tim writes a refreshing perspective on how he almost completely lost interest in anime. A recent screening of Spirited Away brought back him back into blogging and watching new shows. This post made me glad that I am not the only one that has taken a break from anime, just to come right back for the same reason I got into the medium; seeing something very different and new that sparks my imagination. (Thoughts That Move)

Juni Taisen went a different route than the other anime offered during the Fall 2017 season. NegativePrimes dives into the story and what other bloggers (like myself, Samuru!) thought about it. He also writes about diverse ways of enjoying stories and the character types of the anime, along with what they think is good or the correct way to live.  (Curiously Dead Cat)

Loryn Stone wrote a blast from the past post, discussing anime when it started to arrive here in the USA. Whether through Toonami, a VHS rental store, or some other method, anime was hard to find or discover more about. She shares various experiences she had with the genre, as many old-school fans can relate. I related so much to this post, it was really enjoyable to read. (Cracked)

Christine wrote about her experience with the superb concert called “Distant Worlds.” The show is all about the music of Final Fantasy, which I can safely say is the pinnacle of JRPG’s from Japan, I dare say the world. If you have not gone to one, I highly recommend it! If you’re unsure, read this post to see what it’s about. (Simpleek)

Have you been watching Violet Evergarden? Although it’s been received rather lukewarmly after all the anticipation, one thing the series is certainly getting right is its depiction of the Victorian era. Emily describes how it’s doing so particularly through the show’s emphasis on the written word, while providing some context for the series setting. (Atelier Emily)

Can anime influence how someone writes fiction? It sure can! Cain goes into detail on how anime and the way they craft narratives so well. He also talks about his first published fiction novel. (Cain S. Latrani)

The longest running anime in existence is One Pieceand Lauren tried to watch as much as she could in 2017. She got to watch quite a bit of it, and really enjoyed it as well. Check out her thoughts on the anime in her article, and if you’ve watched One Piece, where did you get to in the anime?   (Otaku Journalist)


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