First Impression: Zombie Land Saga

Sakura Minamoto is the typical high school girl, watching a music video before school and hoping to one day become a singer just like the ones she idolizes. Just another typical morning—that is, until she is hit by a bus right outside her house! She awakens in Saga prefecture and is chased by several zombie girls. After escaping, she is taken to a house by a man named Kōtarō Tatsumi, where she is told the dreadful truth that she is now a zombie and has been dead for ten years, and is introduced to her new zombie friends who are going to form an idol group with her to save Saga from being forgotten. Their first music festival will be a test to show if they can revive memories, in others as well as in themselves.

Screenshot 2018-10-09 07.10.29.png

My mouth basically dropped as I watched the first minute of this anime. I am easily gullible when it comes to media, so as I saw Sakura singing along to a video I thought this would be another boring slice-of-life show. As soon as she got hit by a truck and the heavy metal started, I was intrigued because I knew this anime was trying to mess with my mind. The concept of the show is different, and it’s a comedy which is not what I usually watch but I do enjoy them. It’s a silly show, but what’s wrong with that? I’m interested in seeing the other girls personalities and how they feel about being undead, which is what will have me coming back to check this one out.

You can stream Zombie Land Saga on Crunchyroll

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