Ask Sensei: Trick Or Treat Edition

Well, ’tis the season, folks. Of course I don’t mean that season: however, there are still two seasons before that one, and this coming one will probably involve my doorbell ringing. I will let Bella the cat answer it, of course.

So what do you all think of this new anime season? I must admit I’m rather unimpressed so far. The only new show I’m liking at all is Sword Art Online, of which I am a big fan, at least when it doesn’t focus on closeups of people’s butts for its major plot point. I am significantly afraid that Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru is headed for the same crash-and-burn situation as Battery, which received my heartfelt thumbs-down when it queued up about half a dozen possibly intriguing plot directions, then failed to follow through on every single one of them. So I think I will give the archery show Tsurune another chance.

In any case, this time, justinsayana asks via Instagram: Sensei, if you could have a Stand like in JoJo, what could it look like & its power? Before anything else, Justin-kun, you get an A for the day for using the correct spelling of “its.” That and about $4 will get you a coffee at Starbucks, so use it well. But to your question, you will perhaps be shocked to hear that I have seen no more than half an episode of any season of Jojo. You’d think it’d be right up my alley, with its high male/female ratio, but believe it or not, there was just too much testosterone there, even for me. Anyway, it’s tempting for me to want a superpower by which I can tell when students are cheating during an exam … except I pretty much already can, and it requires no supernatural power at all. Maybe a way to snap my fingers and have all 300+ exams graded instantly? That way I don’t have to keep asking Bella the cat to do it.

Then, via Twitter, @kit_flowerstorm asks for Your favorite Japanese language joke. It took a bit of thought, but I’m kind of partial to a certain rakugo story. If you have watched Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, and I hope you have in spite of its SPOILER ALERT!!! infuriating ending /SPOILER, then you have already heard the “Jugemu Jugemu” story. You can hear Canadian rakugo artist Katsura Sunshine tell it, mostly in English, on YouTube. Anime spinoffs of the “Jugemu Jugemu” story are legion, so make sure you have lots of free time before falling into that particular YouTube death spiral.

Finally, Tyler Burnette asks via Facebook: Who is worst girl?

Thank you, Tyler-kun, for this dangerous but easy question. I will have you know that this could get me fired, or at least get my pay cut in half.

(looks in either direction furtively)

Suzumiya Haruhi.

(runs for his life)

7 thoughts on “Ask Sensei: Trick Or Treat Edition

  1. For grading your 300+ papers, just use scantrons and let the “machine” scan them all. I’ve never seen the machine….only legendary rumors passed down from school to school…..I’ve heard it’s protected by the strongest warriors in the galaxy. No one has seen it and survived…..No teacher has ever come back to tell the tale.

    1. I have levelled up enough to defeat those warriors and use this terrifying machine. In fact I do use it for my final exams, which are usually part multiple choice and part free answer. But I think if I made all my exams completely multiple choice, I’d have not only the students but also my colleagues at my throat!

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