First Impression: Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace note

Lord El-Melloi is the head of the Modern Magecraft Theories Department of a school of magic called The Clock Tower. Though, he’s only a stand-in or “fake” as he’s called by his colleagues. After cursing them for their insults at his home, he is hit with a counter-curse which makes him hurt his foot (in a funny way). During all of this, a black cat followed his assistant to his sofa and becomes a nuisance for him. His assistant, Gray (or lady as he calls her), is a thoughtful and kind girl who helps him in his day to day tasks. She also feels bad for the cat, so she feeds it and keeps it company. The cat in actuality was cursed and found dead. Lord El-Melloi deducts that it was an attempt to take his own life, by linking him with the dead animal. He tracks down the perpetrator of the wicked deed and stops him, with the help of his two students Flat and Svin.


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This anime is based in a parallel world of Fate/stay night, which is not one of my favorite anime series. The ambiance, music, and art match the setting very well and keeps you watching. It’s what appealed to me to check it out, and makes anime more desirable for me. I liked Lord El-Melloi’s character as he’s pretty funny and thoughtful. Like when he apologies to Gray, that shows him to be more human and conscious of his actions. The story though, seemed like it was already developed and I showed up in episode 5 or something. It didn’t feel like “episode 0”, more like a continuation of a previous. I even went online to be sure that this wasn’t a new season or OVA of a show I missed. It’s interesting and I hope the plot is fleshed out and we get to know more of what’s going on. I will come back to it and see, but this doesn’t seem like one I personally am very excited about. Though, if your a big Fate/stay fan, then give this one a look!

You can watch Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace note on Crunchyroll.


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