TangleCast 59: Fruits Basket and a Place to Belong

Even before this season’s remake, Fruits Basket was firmly set as a special series in anime / manga history, but the 2019 series has been so good that an entirely new generation of fans are now finding the show, including Team FtK. In episode 59 of the TangleCast, David, Peter, and Holly discuss episodes one through nine of the series. Plus, Peter quizzes David and Holly on popular anime of the last couple of seasons, the group talks about how the merits of Pikachu and Happy as pets, and Twwk and Holly go head-to-head in a summer-long competition. Come join us!

0:00 Introduction
0:48 Holly v. Charles
3:00 Last week’s Cast Question
6:15 New Cast Question
9:11 Quiz Show
17:21 Fruits BasketIntro
19:31 Discussion—Episode by episode
53:09 Discussion—Conclusion
54:42 Closing

And we want your feedback as well! Each week we’ll ask a question on the podcast and feature your answers the next time that team rolls around. Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): What is one anime pet you would want to keep?

Podcast Links:

  • Here’s the music video for “What is Love” by Twice. Someone’s gonna have to do this dance…
  • If you’d like to read about our perspective of each Fruits Basket episode, check out our posts on the show.
  • A recipe for umeboshi onigiri!

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TangleCast 59: Fruits Basket and a Place to Belong

4 thoughts on “TangleCast 59: Fruits Basket and a Place to Belong

  1. Lovely episode as always. I may never get around to watching Fruits Basket, but I’m glad I can know more about the series from your in-depth analysis of the show.

  2. Thank you so much always for your feedback and insight. We are encouraged by you! Are you currently watching any anime this season? Or maybe an older anime?

  3. Twitter
    Judy (@sorincha), MUTUAL: For me it’s a 3-way tie between Ein from Cowboy Bebop, Q-chan from Pet Shop Of Horrors, and Luna from Sailor Moon. I think Ein is one cool data dog, Q-chan is TOTALLY cute, and Luna’s British accent in the English dub version amuses me. ^_^ ^_^

    Samuru (@samuru305), BtT writer / FB coordinator: Ranga from reincarnated slime!

  4. Instagram

    shiromeguri.meguri (MUTUAL): Doraemon!

    myles.netherton (MUTUAL): Tentomon! In his own words, “I’m more than good, I’m exceptional!”

    Corinne, @cgcornett (MUTUAL): The black cat from Trigun.

    Cory, @kokorodaki (MUTUAL): Momo from Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Lisa, @hellohappycrafts (MUTUAL): A whole army of tiny totoro!

    supergalaxy579 (MUTUAL): If pokemon count I would like to have an arcanine or ninetales. If they don’t then I’d like ein or hamtaro.

    Paris, @fregginpariss (MUTUAL): Kirrara! Or if all of the Pokémon count, then I would want Reshiram or Suicune!

    Ellie, @little.pink.witch (MUTUAL): mii-kun from how to keep a mummy or luna from sailor moon! 🖤🖤

    eiffelinlovewidyou: Is kero-chan(keroberos) counted as a pet? 🥰

    lizzywolfdraws: Can Inuyasha be the pet?😂

    Leaf, @scalpelfactory, MUTUAL: Hakuryuu from Saiyuki

    josemarcio.mota: Pikachu

    justinsayana, MUTUAL: Ein!

    celtic.nerd, MUTUAL: Momo from Avatar. (Even if it’s not “technically” anime) 😂

    noesiskira: Haro!

    treyrobinson, MUTUAL: Definitely Pen Pen from NGE

    gccatlas: If catgirls count, I’ll have one of those. If not then I’ll just have a corgi

    pinoy.beatles: Koromaru from Persona 3

    Argo_odm, MUTUAL: Puck, Re:Zero

    rookie887, MUTUAL: Unique monster

    inlovewithateddybear: The Cat Bus

    nalu_dragnelle: A dragon 😂

    prisq91: Shipp! From inuyasha!

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