First Impression: If it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a demon lord

Dr. Steve here! Are you looking for a fun and clean anime series for the whole family? Something warm and feel-good to help you briefly forget life’s troubles? Then If it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a demon lord… looks very promising! Unless you have trouble remembering long titles, that is. Dale, a talented but not wealthy freelance monster hunter, runs across a young demon girl wandering the woods alone. Deducing that she is an orphan, he takes her under his wing and decides to adopt her.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to adopt her?

Folks, if there were a contest for “Most Christian Anime of the Season”, If it’s for my daughter would be the frontrunner out of the gate. At least in this first episode, there’s none of the typical things that might trouble a Christian viewer of anime. More importantly, Dale provides a superb model for how to love our neighbor. He feeds Latina (the girl), bathes and clothes her, provides her with shelter and security and eventually a home, and even makes a grave for Latina’s father. But what took the episode to the next level, for me, was how painfully and beautifully it explored the experience of being a new parent: of encountering a new, small person who cannot fend for herself, with whom you can barely communicate, and who looks up to you and learns from you; of feeling the doubt in one’s own capacity to care for the child, the even stronger desire to do so, and blended with both the sense of obligation that, though weighty, love makes sweet and even a joy. I’m looking forward to watching more of this, hopefully with my kids.

If it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a demon lord is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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