TangleCast 62: Too-Perfect Tanjirou

Back from a well-deserved summer break, Peter, David, and Holly return with a focus on the one series that all three are currently watching—Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba! As they jump into the anime, one particular theme arises: the character development of the series protagonist, Tanjirou Kamado. Is he admirable? Or is he unrealistic in his perfection? What of the love and mercy he shows demons and humans alike? And of course, that awesome fire dance scene! Come join the team as they discuss, and also as they reveal the results to the weight loss competition between Holly and Twwk!

0:00 Introduction and Updates
5:02 New Cast Question
11:23 Holly v. Twwk Results
17:22 Demon Slayer and TanjirouIntroduction
19:13 DiscussionDevelopment of the anime and Tanjirou
23:53 Discussion—Experiencing Tanjirou
26:58 Discussion—Striving for growth and episode 19
31:42 Discussion—Love and mercy in Demon Slayer
36:40 Closing

And we want your feedback as well! Each week we ask a question on the podcast and feature your answers on the next episode. Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): If you were able to modify one part of your body, what would it be (ex. sprout wings or breath underwater)?

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Beneath the Tangles » TangleCast
TangleCast 62: Too-Perfect Tanjirou

5 thoughts on “TangleCast 62: Too-Perfect Tanjirou

  1. I am steeped in a fair amount of Cyberpunk culture, so replacing body parts with mechanical or modified ones is something I’ve seen thousands of variations on. Some of the best examples I’ve seen are:
    Replacing eye(s) with cybernetic ones, extra fingers to type on keyboards like in GitS, hydraulic legs/arms for increased power, built-in communicator (phone/walkie talkie) in your ear, sub-dermal armor (like Kevlar under your skin), brain implants like David suggested to stimulate different area of your brain depending on the task you want to perform, spider-like retractable microgrips on your fingers to climb any surface, thermoptic camoflage, voice modification to your mouth to enhance your voice or mimic someone, taste bud modification to null or enhance certain receptors so that you can ignore some tastes while heightening others, wired reflex upgrades to your nervous system to react faster, antidote/antibiotic/nanite injector if you become poisoned or sick, plenty of implants to enhance or nullify sensory feelings, and a common one is the sub-dermal weapon that pops out from your arm or leg.
    Acquiring wings wouldn’t be super useful on a human, because we lack the pectoral muscles that birds do to flap at a high enough rate with large enough wings.

  2. Man I want to listen to the Tanglecast but I always feel less than Otaku enough in order to follow the conversation. I’m really interested in watching Demon Slayer so I try to stay away from any spoilers until I get to watch it.

    If there was a kind of interesting add on to the human body the nanotechnology to produce artificial blood cells that can hold larger amounts of oxygen “respirocytes” will increase endurance of muscles, less muscle fatigue, able to hold breath for over an hour

    Questions about transhumanism arise. Is humanity something to be “surpassed”? Chestertons debate George Bernard Shaw in his book Heretics.

    Personally you’d have to alter your brain in order to have more fingers or wings or whatever. I always thought the Xmen are more “alien” because ultimately their mind is “abnormal” in order to feel and control certain things. For example Storm would have to sense the air pressure and temperature and then have a part of the brain that deals with that extra sensory information

  3. Facebook:

    Judy: One thing I thought of is having an immune system so strong that I would never get physically ill, and I’d be healthy all the time. 🙂 🙂

    Judy: Here is my other body modification idea. ^_^ ^_^ OK, for those here who don’t know, I have cerebral palsy. I can’t use my right arm/hand well, and I wear a brace on my right leg. The modification I thought of is, to have some sort of device on my hand so that I can use it when I need it (for example, so I can cut food, or, hold onto something stronger with that hand).

    I know some people might think, ‘Wouldn’t you want your WHOLE body to be modified, where you have a physical challenge?”, but see, I’ve had cerebral palsy all my life, and I can’t see myself as being non-disabled. It’s what I’ve always known, having physical challenges.

    Kenneth: Modify any one body part? I want super brain plasticity. I can learn things easily and create new neural pathways with ease. Each day I would get smarter and smarter.

    Cory: I want wireless headphones implanted in my head so I can be listening to music without a cable or potentially losing AirPods.maybe I listen to music too much…

    Myles: see if you knew what happens in D.Gray-Man, you’d know EXACTLY what I’d be doing!! How can I convince you to watch it?

    Ellie: Is modify my hair to make it change whatever color I wanted to at will 😆 also my digestive organs would be made of steel so I could eat as much cheese as I wanted without the consequences 😁

    Marian: Sprouting wings is pretty useful because I live far from my workplace but it’s not very subtle…And I might need a flying license for that or something. 😅 I’d like to have the capacity to understand nature’s language – not just people, but animals and trees and water and wind …not exactly bending but just knowing on a deeper level what’s going on? So I guess modify my brain? 🤔

    Nicholas: Sprout wings, breathing underwater doesn’t make you u faster or more dangerous than a shark

    Carlo: Brain can function without the aid of any internal organs. Even if the head is detached the brain can still function and send signals to your eyes and mouth so they can still perform. I’m short immortal brain.

    Zhockerzo: I’d modify my overall cardiovascular system to be enhanced to the power of an Olympian. When I do, more blood flow and energy overall gonna amp me up. Most importantly enhance my athleticism tenfold.

    Insta Story responses

    Lisa: I’d make my boobs smaller, they’re so annoying 🤷‍♀️

    Argo_odm: Torso so I could add mechanical wings; mechanical wings could be a thing

    Danoloveacompany: AI brain implant 👌

    Cesmacho: my eyes so I could have good vision 😂

    Kaym_ie: I think my eyes…to see the world better, the landscape, animals…

    Cincodemayoman: my eyes because I’m super blind

    Crazy yandere art: I think no one in this world are ugly!!love you like you are guys!

    Caribou: That would be my brain. I want telekinesis.

    Enthiebryan: my whole body, I want to be invisible.

    Dachickenfried _cosplayer: having an arm made out of nanobots would be nifty!

    Shirtlesskaneki: An automail arm would be pretty cool

    Claudia: arms! I would like some cool blasters that come out of my arms or hands 😂

    cy63r_40x7_348.exe: Irongirl

    Nirisu_chan: My Brain…so I don’t need to study and can just store the information in my brain by downloading it

    Kudepingu: Well depends I’m what way I would like the ability to always know when people are lying I can tell 70% of the time. So maybe like you know Bruno in Jojos but I don’t have to lick your sweat I can just like smell if people are lying.

    Wolfyneom: I want wings and wolf ears and fox tail

    Nuahse.de: I would put a blaster on my chest so that it’s basically a laser

  4. Haha honestly, among us, we only have one true otaku. Holly and I are more casual! I say that, but…I can’t deny that I have watched 43.3 days of anime… hahahaha

    But yes, if spoilers are what you are worried about, please hold off!! Hopefully we might do one that you have already watched in the future!

    You bring up an interesting point. Something on the molecular level would have to change if it wasn’t an augment, but rather a complete changing of the person’s physiology.

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