First Impression: Appare-Ranman!

Sometime in the early twentieth century, a cross-country automobile (?) race from Los Angeles to New York City begins. Then the OP plays; it includes a prairie dog. Also, a bottle of whiskey gets shot. Figured you’d want to know. We flashback to a year before the race and meet Sorano Appare, an eccentric genius inventor. Ooh, we could make double anime allusion by renaming the show Leek-kun with the Red Hair, since Appare reminds me of Leek-kun from Dr. STONE, but with hair that makes him Radish-kun instead. #genius A sword-wielding martial artist of some sort, Kosame, is assigned by the local lord to keep Radish-kun from making further trouble — just in time for the latter to bust out of jail. A series of unfortunate events involving a small paddle wheel steamboat ensue, and Radish-kun and the hapless Kosame wind up in America.


Appare-Ranman! appears to be a story that knows it’s ridiculous and makes the most of it. There was some pretty amusing dialogue, the historical setting was fun, and I’m quite curious how the show will portray past America. Also, the Engrish Force is strong with this one. In response to the famous question “Are you not entertained?” from Gladiator, I can happily say that yes, this episode indeed entertained me. If shounen mad-science hijinks and/or the historical American setting intrigue you, I recommend you check out this series. I think it could be a lot of fun.


Appare-Ranman can be streamed on Funimation.

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