First Impression: Extra Olympia Kyklos

Demetrios, a timid vase painter (who, well, is portrayed as a Greek statue), lives in a Greek polis by the sea, dreaming of marrying Apolonia, the Mayor’s daughter. The Mayor insists (to the point that you could say he almost bullies him) that being a vase painter is not cut out for him, and that Demetrios should try the Olympic Games, where he could get honor and money, but Demetrios seems allergic to fights and does not agree. While hiding in one of his vases, he is stricken by lightning and instantly transported through time to 1980s Japan, specifically Tokyo, which he calls Tokyopolis. He arrives at a Japanese wardrobe, were meets the owner of the house, who he mistakes for Zeus at first, and who seems cool with having him there.

Olympia Kiklos

An absurdist comedy about Ancient Greece! This looks like a tailor-made show for me, though I do not know if someone else will enjoy it. After so much Aristotle and Plato, I found it very funny that he would ask in which polis he was after the time travel, or that the notorious thirst for money and honor the Greeks were known for is displayed so openly. Everything is, well, quite absurd, from the music actually saying “time travel” again and again during the time travel to the interaction between flat drawings of Japanese characters and the clay-like Greek characters, but it was sort of clever and had nice touches, and in particular I found the ending song hilarious. It was pretty long, though, and gave me the impression that the episode had ended shortly after the beginning. This looks interesting.

Extra Olympia Kyklos can be streamed at Crunchyroll.

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