First Impression: The God Of High School

The city of Seoul, Korea, is having a tournament called The God of High School. It’s a martial arts tournament where the best of the best—selected to be there by special commissioners—fight until there is only one left standing. The reward is any wish granted by the organizers of the battle.

Mori, the main character, is a high schooler who starts off being late to the tournament. While riding his bike, he sees an elderly lady’s purse stolen by a man on a motorcycle and decides to chase him and return the purse. He slams into a girl who was also on her way to the same destination to fight, and together they stop the thief. The anime shifts to introducing the battle royale of the main event. Each fighter has a level, HP, and nanomachines to monitor their health. The fight ends with a cliffhanger between Mori and an opponent who arrived late but is more powerful than the majority of the others.

So, this anime is pretty crazy! I found it to be a little bit all over the place. It’s produced by Crunchyroll, and it tries to do a lot in its first episode. I would have liked more character development, and I never say this but I would liked it to go slower. They could have pulled three episodes out of this one episode, easily. The anime has very nice animation, and the intro was exciting. The OP and ED songs were cool, with a very urban/rap sound which I personally enjoyed.

I look forward to watching more of this, but if it stays with it’s fast-paced and somewhat silly story, I will likely drop it. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you thought!

You can stream The God Of High School on Crunchyroll


3 thoughts on “First Impression: The God Of High School

  1. The first episode was definitely interesting, and the characters intrigue me because I don’t know anything about them yet, and the fighting looks good too. I am looking forward to more episodes.

    The partnership between Webtoon and Crunchyroll has been doing well so far, I enjoyed Tower of God immensely, and this has the potential to be good too. Although In/Spectre was a complete dud for me so they aren’t quite doing it all right.

    1. Yeah this was an interesting anime! I have to watch Tower of God, it has a lot of good reviews so far. I think this one needs some improvement, they did too much too fast so I hope it slows down a bit.

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