Twwk and Eleven Arts Talk Holiday Anime LIVE This Friday!

It’s two and a half weeks until Christmas, and a few more days from there until the new year. And we at Beneath the Tangles are super excited about celebrating with you all!

Our 12 Days of Christmas Anime posts—where we count down the days until the 25th by talking about a specific Christmas episode of anime each day—are coming soon, but before that I’ll be chatting about these festive episodes of anime with Shelby from U.S. anime distributor, Eleven Arts (A Silent Voice, Millenium Actress) on a live stream! Come join us, watch us chat about our favorite Christmastime anime, and ask us questions! I’d love to interact with you, especially about two things that get me super excited—Christmas and anime!

The live stream will begin at 8pm ET this Friday through Eleven Arts’ Instagram account. Go follow them (and us, too, while you’re at it), and then just show up and hit the stream when it appear!

Let’s celebrate the countdown to Christmas together in a most otaku way!

Featured illustration by Kinty (reprinted w/permission). Subscribe to event on Facebook for a reminder!

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