Winter 2021 Anime Season Preview

The 2021 winter season is just ahead of us and it can’t get here any sooner to help us move on from a rough 2020. Not that 2020 didn’t bring us great shows like Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!) and hyped sequels like Re:Zero, but I’m looking forward to what 2021 has to bring us in our (anime) lives. This season of comes with much expectation and I want to dub it the “Season of Sequels.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you will soon.

So with that, I am here to introduce you to the upcoming winter 2021 anime season.

⚠️⚠️ Spoiler Warning ⚠️⚠️

I will try my best to keep spoilers at a minimum, but since most of the shows this season are sequels I may be spoiling events that happen in previous seasons that I have watched.

What I am Watching

The Promised Neverland Season 2 (January 8)

The second season of The Promised Neverland! The story continues right after Emma and the rest of kids of Grace Field House escape at the end of season one.

The strong reception of the first season will no doubt be met with great anticipation for this upcoming season. As a manga reader, I am sad that the story has completed, but I can’t wait to see how they adapt this next arc and hopefully do it justice. If you haven’t already, check out our podcast on the beginning of the first season. Also, you’ll have episodic posts from our resident TPN expert, Michelle, to look forward to!

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (January 14)

Stone Wars is the second season of Dr. Stone, bringing Senku’s crazy scientist vibes back in our lives.

I loved season one as it was refreshing, giving me a break from the more serious Vinland Saga during the summer 2019 season. It looks like the war between the two groups is about to start with all of Senku’s ingenious inventions to help his faction. Hopefully Senku gets to meet up with his old pals!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 (January 12)

It looks like this season we will be getting more action between the kingdoms and races of the world which gave us the cute slime, Rimuru.

The first season was a blast. It might’ve slowed down at the end for me, but it looks like that might have been setup for a more action-filled plot this coming season.

Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2 (January 6)

Honestly if you haven’t watched Re:Zero yet I implore you to go to your favorite streaming site and watch it right now. There are so many questions left unanswered that I need answered now. The arrival and plot line with Echidna came as a surprise and every episode keeps me wanting to see the best boy Subaru smile.

Sequels Galore

Cells at Work Season 2 and Cells at Work Code Black (January 9 & 10)

It’s unfortunate that these series got delayed and pushed to a winter season release, but it’s strangely fitting with the COVID-19 pandemic. The first season was a surprise hit for me as I had no idea what I was getting into. But the anime-fication of the cells in the body was really fun to watch. And with this show being educational, your parents or significant other can’t get too mad at you for watching anime, right?

Code Black looks like a really interesting take on cell’s lives inside of a sick human. From the trailer it doesn’t look like we know what the human’s condition is, but being able to see an anime-fication of how the human body deals with a compromised immune system looks exciting.

Yuru Camp Season 2 (January 7)

Pure relaxation. I watched A Place Further than the Universe before I watched Yuru Camp and I have to say they give very similar vibes. Yuru Camp is pretty much camping for anime nerds. You get the benefit of watching people camp without the outdoors and cold. If you are looking for a slice of life anime and enjoy camping this is it.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement

I can’t believe this show is coming to an end. I remember seeing The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix for the first time and was shocked that anime had made it’s way to a mainstream streaming site. Unfortunately, I dropped this show as the art had taken a huge hit this past season, but I might pick it back up if I hear that the art has made its way back to season one form.

World Trigger Season 2 (January 10)

It has been over four years since the end of the first season of World Trigger and it’s finally getting the next season fans deserve.

Log Horizon Season 3 (January 13)

The first two seasons of this show were great, though I do think that the second season took a bit of a dip compared to the first. Hopefully things can turn around now that season three is coming out. This show is pretty much showing how normal people would be if they were stuck in a MMORPG and not have to Sword Art Online it up. Focused more on community and relationship building, this show is a light watch for everyone.

Beastars Season 2 (January 7)

A show I have been meaning to check out since it released in the 2019 fall season, Beastars is about humanoid animals and their division between the carnivores and herbivores. Receiving a quality rating of an 8.09 on MAL, I should hurry and watch the first season so I can watch this.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 2 (January 8)

With a stacked lineup of shows like Mob Psycho 2 and The Promised Neverland, this series was my guilty pleasure during season one. The relationships between Fuutarou and the Nakano sisters were so fun to watch and brightened up my days. So much positive feedback from the anime community poured into the show that a season two was announced to be planned for production at the end of season one. If that isn’t enough reason to check this romantic comedy out, you should just listen to me… and check it out!

Non non Biyori Nonstop (January 11)

As a lover of slice of life anime, I’ve had this show on my list for a while. I actually started the series, but ended up dropping it due to it not fitting my palette well. But this show seems so relaxing to watch. Non Non Biyori has some good ratings on MyAnimeList and I can’t assume that this third season will disappoint avid watchers of this show.

New Shows I’m Interested In

So I’m a Spider, So What? (January 8)

I, the protagonist, was just an ordinary high school girl, but suddenly I was reincarnated as a spider monster in a fantasy world. Not only that, but I awakened in a dungeon filled with vicious monsters. Armed with only my human knowledge and my overwhelming positivity, I’m forced to use spiderwebs and traps to defeat far stronger monsters just to stay alive… So begins the labyrinth survival story of a girl with incredible mental strength living as one of the lowest-ranked beasts! (Source: Crunchyroll)

I’ve been seeing some hype around the web (har har) about this show and I’m planning on checking it out. Watching the trailer, I’m reminded of Demon Slayer and the unique voice of Aoi Yuuki fills my head with Tanya the Evil and Tamaki from Fire Force. This trailer reminds of the first time I watch Slime‘s trailer and thinking that it would be a very average show, but Slime proved me wrong and I’m hoping for the same. I’m wondering how this show will separate itself from Slime with similar premises. Also with this produced by a not well known studio, I’m hoping the visuals and the good voice cast can push this to a great watch.

The Low Tier Character Tomozaki-kun (January 8)

Fumiya Tomozaki is a high school student who is one of Japan’s best gamers, but in reality, he is alone. He has always insisted, “Life is a horrible game.” One day, he meets Aoi Hinami, a perfect heroine of the school. She says to him, “Take this game called ‘life’ seriously!” Is life a horrible game or a great game? Under Ninami’s guidance, a life strategy by a high school student who is a bottom-tier character is about to begin! (Source: Crunchyroll)

Always on the lookout for good romance shows. Tomozaki-kun looks to be one I will check out. I’m hoping that we can all find a relation with Tomozaki being in a low place and having someone come into our lives to bring us up. Shows like this are always nice to watch to make you feel good.

Horimiya (January 10)


At school, Kyouko Hori is known for being smart, attractive, and popular. On the other hand, her classmate, the boring, gloomy Izumi Miyamura tends to get painted as a “loser fanboy.” But when a liberally pierced and tattooed (not to mention downright gorgeous) Miyamura appears unexpectedly on the doorstep of secretly plain-Jane homebody Hori, these two similarly dissimilar teenagers discover that there are multiple sides to every story…and person! (Source: Yen Press)

This is the romance show I’m most interested in watching this season. This trailer gave me some Your Lie in April vibes (maybe not the story but the art). Being produced by CloverWorks (Darling in the FranXX, Bunny Senpai, and TPN), Horimiya is a series I have to expect will be great watch with their recent track history.  The story of a loner boy starting a relationship with a girl who brings him up from the bottom is a pretty popular trope in anime, but hopefully this show and Tomozaki and separate themselves from the rest.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (January 11)

The story follows a 34-year-old man who is killed after trying to save someone from getting hit by a car. He soon finds himself reincarnated in a magical world as Rudeus Greyrat, except that he gets his whole life reset, starting as a baby. With all of his knowledge from his previous life, and a new heaping helping of magical ability, Rudeus quickly becomes a formidable warrior ready for adventure. (Source: Funimation)

Oh isekai, how I can never get away from you. The plot point that stands out the most of this anime is that the protagonist starts his life as a baby wit hall the memories of his previous life. One thing that gives me some pause is that this is Studio Blind’s first production, but it is a child company of White Fox who produced some of the greatest shows: Re:Zero and Steins Gate. The light novel has a great score of 8.53 on MAL and with the positive look on Studio Blind I have to assume they will do the light novel justice.

Looking for the rest?

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    1. Wow that does look funny! I’m interested to see how they come up with the ideas on how they created animals on the earth.

  1. I guess it’s time to watch RE:Zero, i on the other hand want to recommend beastars, the story has such a beautiful rendition of self sacrifice and resisting sin that left me incredibly surprised the first time around.

    Merry late Christmas! i wanted to leave a message on the 25th but couldn’t.

  2. Sooooo many good anime this season! One of the new ones I want to watch is The Low Tier Character Tomozaki-kun, I like the concept of helping out a gamer understand how real life works 🙂

  3. I love the “So I’m a Spider, So What?” light novels, but I’m afraid that the anime adaptation won’t do it justice for the same reason I won’t waste my time with the manga adaptation. The PV does nothing to change this concern.

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