First Impression: SK8 the Infinity

Reki loves to skate. That’s all on the mind of this high schooler, and he likes to participate in a dangerous skateboard race called “S,” where skaters from the area come together and bet on who will win. Imagine Fast and the Furious, but with skateboards instead of cars! It’s held in an abandoned mine, and he ends up losing to a skater named Shadow.

The next day, a new transfer student named Langa from Canada joins his class. He’s very quiet, and once he meets Reki he decides to try to skate, but isn’t that good at it. He and Reki take a job to deliver a skateboard to a client from the skateboard shop Reki works at, but Langa messes up the order, a bringing the wrong board, and ends up having to race against Shadow, the tough skater that beat Reki to redeem the mistake. I won’t give away any more, so you’ll have to watch to see what happens!

I personally enjoyed this one, as I like these gritty and rough shows that include competitions. The characters weren’t very memorable, nor do I truly understand the point of the anime yet, but it’s a different concept. It reminds me a little bit of Airgear, which I didn’t see much of but which had a similar vibe. I thought this one was OK, and I will try a few more episodes but I don’t see myself watching it all the way through.

You can watch SK8 The Infinity on Funimation.


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