Ryuhei is a typical teenager who plays video games, hangs out with his friends, and also boxes in a gym in his free time. But after taking a nap, he wakes up in a dream-like world—one where he has some incredible jumping skills. Of course, moments after that, he is chased by some ugly hand creatures with many mouths (yes, exactly as I just described) until he’s saved by a pair with powerful weapons. After the escape, he discovers that he hasn’t been isekai’d—these monsters are in the real world but he’s the only one who can see them. This reminded me of the time when Ichigo met Rukia in Bleach, but anyways, he learns that he also has the power to be what is called a Knocker-Up. He visualizes his outfit which gives him a strong punch and he helps save the day from the dragon terrorizing the city.

I’m not a fan of 3D animation when it comes to anime, though I was pleasantly surprised because there were some beautiful scenes that were very detailed. I liked the outfit designs of the characters, but I would have liked to get to know a little more about them. The pacing was pretty fast without much explanation, and since I did not play the game this is based on, I am not familiar with the world. Hopefully the reasons behind what is going on are told later, or maybe they are depending on players to have some background on the anime before going in. Either way, I was not too impressed by this opening episode, but maybe fans of the game will be.

You can watch D_CIDE TRAUMEREI THE ANIMATION on Crunchyroll. Read our thoughts on all the new summer anime series, in addition to comments from our other writers, on our Summer 2021 Anime First Impression master post.


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