Let’s Go Manga Shopping!

You can never get enough manga, right? 

But have you ever been unsure of what to pick up, lost in a seas of titles?

Beneath the Tangles and I recently did a super fun collaboration where you helped me choose what manga I should read next!

And not only that, but the collab had me taking you book shopping with me to see what titles I found and what our local bookstore had in their manga section!

Sounds really fun, right? But how did all this take place?

To find out what I was going to look for, I hosted a series of polls in my Instagram stories over the course of a week where one set of polls focused on genre and the other on theme. To help narrow down the choices, I used a bracket-like style with the winning votes on the genre and theme “moving ahead.” 

The beginning choices for genre were comedy, romance, fantasy, and action. The starting choices for the theme were slice-of-life, video games, adventure, and school life. 

The ultimate winner out of these choices was…*drumroll*

Fantasy manga with an adventure theme!

It wasn’t until I went book shopping did I realize realize how many titles fit that category! When I asked for recommendations beforehand from other readers, some titles recommended were Yona of the DawnHunter x HunterFairy Tail, and Ran and the Gray World

Are you curious as to what manga I picked up? (And what I’ll be reviewing here on Beneath the Tangles in the upcoming weeks!)

Come watch my fun manga shopping video to find out!  

Music by HookSounds.com

Laura A. Grace

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