First Impressions: Night Head 2041

After a vision of lines of light arising from the 3D world and connecting with each other, we cut to a nocturnal Japanese city. The world is close to ours, but flying drones kindly remain the citizenry that the worshipping of gods and Buddhas is forbidden, that nothing but the material is real, and that thought crimes will be persecuted. Even belief in phantoms or superpowers is off-limits. Tonight, our ellite police unit is trying to capture Miracle Mike, a supposedly fake miracle-maker with a moustache who seems to be hidding with his followers in an abandoned block. Entering the darkness, the Kirihara siblings, who are the core of the unit, see this schoolgirl who then just… vanishes. As it turns out, the believers are ready for battle, with radio inhibitor artifacts and shotguns, and even an EMP. Our policemen are no newbies either. As the younger brother, caught of guard, is about to die, we cut to the white-haired Kuroki brethern, believers in a Spiritual Force, who are on the run, aided by a mysterious laboratory. An incident at a bar by the road exposes that they can do things that normal humans cannot. But, among the policemen, may the older brother have the same powers? And what may the cryptic message of the mysterious schoolgirl mean?

Oh, boy. This one is wild! Those drones! WWIII, a new Cold War, technology, and TV ads are some of the worldbuilding elements to introduce us to a world where religions have been banned because of their supposed anti-social effect, which would supposedly lead the young to passivity, or something. Everything that cannot be proved in purely material terms is simply banned. This seems inspired by the Communist persecutions. Superpowers and ghosts being thrown into this mix probably means that we will have something of both. And Miracle Mike and the mysterious woman aiding him, the way the believers fought, the cunning captain of the police unit, the superpowers of the Kurokis (the eldest even has these crosses adorning his jacket) and the mystery of the vanishing girl and her message surely are interesting. On the bad side, yeah… Those graphics. I think the environment looks interesting, integrated even, and not all that video-gamey, but the characters, she the policemen especially, are unnerving 3D mannequins. And yet, this is the one series in which I may overlook that.

Night Head 2041 is streaming on Crunchyroll.

4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Night Head 2041

  1. This sounds like it could be a hot mess or absolutely brilliant for philosophical ponderings! I am intrigued by the seeming Marxist materialism of the worldbuilding…will check it out…

    1. For me, it was. It was a usual dystopia presentation, sort of like Farenheit 451, or Psycho Pass, or Ghost in the Shell. The background of the persecuted siblings is more puzzling (why didn’t they know there has been a WWII? Were they isolated, out are they travellers from a different time or world?), but, nothing too jarring for a sci-fi show. Thank you for your comment!

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