First Impression: The Fruit of Evolution

We open in media res, with protagonist Seiichi in another world with busty naked girl who asks to marry him. Now flashback: at a high school in Japan, chubby Seiichi is a victim of bullying and seems to be despised by pretty much everyone in class. A voice from the PA system announces it’s a god and will transport everyone in school to another world, but courteously grants them a few minutes to form groups. Naturally, no one accepts Seiichi, so he ends up in the fantasy world alone. After wandering a jungle for five days, he finds an odd fruit: the eponymous Fruit of Evolution. It tastes terrible, but is nourishing and (on a seemingly unpredictable basis) can cause the eater to painfully “evolve.” (This is the kind of “evolution” you find in Pokemon, a sudden metamorphosis, not the real-life scientific theory.) Elsewhere, all the other students were transported to a city; a few of them (possibly friends of Seiichi?) express concern for the lone missing student. Our protagonist gets attacked and defeated by a monkey, but then his body odor kills it (I’m not making this up). Suddenly “evolution” kicks in; by the end Seiichi is much more handsome, and much stronger to boot! Five months pass, and Seiichi reaches the ninth of his ten evolutions. Then a talking pink gorilla drops from the sky and demands a duel. Impressed by both Seiichi’s combat prowess and his body odor, the female gorilla Saria decides to marry him instead of killing him.

Umm… So… Huh. This looks like a generic wish-fulfillment isekai. A stereotypical anime loser-guy gets phenomenal cosmic power, a total body makeover, and an attractive girlfriend (well, wife; oh, and the OP and ED hint this going to turn into a harem). The episode is mildly entertaining, but nothing about is particularly clever or unique. Between the fanservicey prologue and the fat-shaming, there are some truly dislikeable elements as well. I feel solidly meh about The Fruit of Evolution‘s first episode. I’m not certain it will be terrible, but I can’t really recommend it. I can see this being one of those anime where I watch the first five episodes and then drop it when I finally realize that no, it’s not going to get any better.

You can view The Fruit of Evolution on Crunchyroll.

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