First Impression: The Vampire Dies in No Time

What does a vampire hunter do when he finds out where the evil Draluc (yes, that’s not a typo) lives? He goes and hunts him so he can get paid of course! When the heroic Ronaldo shows up to his castle, he accidentally kills Draluc by hitting him with the front door. This weak vampire turns to sand, and is shocked as to why Ronaldo would want to find him. He’s just a weakling anyways, taking advantage of the rumor that he is a powerful immortal being to bring revenue to the town.

Ronaldo is there to save a child that was kidnapped, but what really happened was that the kid wanted to play video games since Draluc is a gamer. They end up chasing the kid around with Draluc getting zapped by his own traps in comedic fashion. While attempting to get rid of Ronaldo, the castle ends up engulfed in flames and Draluc shrivels to sand in sadness.

Thinking that his job is over, Ronaldo heads back to his office to find Draluc has moved in with his belongings. He wants to stick around since he has nowhere else to go. They both head over to a store where a young guy recently turned vampire is holding a girl hostage. Draluc tries to handle the situation but ends up as sand again after drinking some of the young man’s blood. The episode ends with the tease of a new character with a large weapon!

This anime had it’s funny moments, especially at the end with the hostage. When she explained why she didn’t like the newly turned vampire and declined his advances to her, I laughed out loud. The animation is clean and the humor is on point, so I enjoyed it. The writers know how to poke fun at what is happening, while attempting to make Ronaldo like the viewer and have similar reactions.

It’s a fun ride, so if your looking for something to laugh with and enjoy something not so series, I recommend The Vampire Dies in No Time!

You can watch The Vampire Dies in No Time on Funimation.


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