A Perfect Cute Spooky Read | Manga Review of Rozi in the Labyrinth

Spooky season is upon us, and if you’re like me and not super fond of spooky but want to enjoy some of this month’s festive excitement, then I have the perfect manga title for you!

Rozi in the Labyrinth was the mystery pickup during the recent manga shopping trip here on Beneath the Tangles and I absolutely adored it!

Rozi has just the right blend of super cute and little bit of creepy—I didn’t feel so afraid that I was paranoid to be alone or a strong need to have all the lights on in the house!

So if you’ve been looking for that kind of read too, here are some more in-depth (spoiler free) thoughts on how wonderful this story is to read this October (or really any other time of the year)!

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