Last Night’s Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) Premiere Featured Yoko Kanno, Steve Aoki, John Cho and More!

With Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop premiering a week from today, the cast and crew of the series came together last night to celebrate at the premiere event for the show, walking the red carpet and afterwards, attending an after party.

We’ve posted photos from the event below, as well as some video interviews. You’ll notice a few interesting faces in the group, including Steve Aoki and Yoko Kanno, as the earlier collaborated with the latter on a soundtrack remix! And of course, much of the staff was in attendance, including John Cho (Spike), Daniella Pineda (Faye), and Mustafa Shakir (Jet).

But no Ein in site! Doggonnit. Oh, wait, I see one…can you spot him?

We hope you enjoy the coverage, which extend into next week when we post our review for the series (Monday) and a special first impressions piece (Wednesday) as well.

See you, space cowboys!

2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) Premiere Featured Yoko Kanno, Steve Aoki, John Cho and More!

  1. I’m not ready for this. Not just because it snuck up on me so fast! No, what I’m concerned about is whether this will get politicized. The original anime was set so far in the future that modern-day politics shouldn’t show up in it. But chances are, they will. If they manage to pull off this show without doing that, then I’ll probably love it. I like the cast choices and the costumes. Now let’s find out how well they can recapture that Bebop magic.

  2. The anime was such a classic gem. I just don’t know what to feel about Spike’s casting though, I’ve watched some clips from Netflix but I just can’t feel the slick and smooth vibin’ personality. I’m just glad they kept Yoko Kanno’s music.

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