First Impression: In the Land of Leadale

Due to a freak electrical outage that apparently knocked out auxiliary power too, Keina, a totally disabled, hospitalized girl, perishes when her life support systems go down. She wakes up / reincarnates in a fantasy world as the elf Cayna, her game avatar in the VRMMORPG she played. There are some wrinkles, though. A couple centuries have passed since the era when Cayna played the game, and much has changed. Then there’s the oddity of how Cayna’s personal assistant AI somehow got isekai’d with her. It’s unclear whether any other players also got isekai’d. Oh, just one more thing: the game allowed a player to create NPCs and designate them as family, which means Cayna, a centuries-old elf physically but a teenage girl mentally, now has three kids who are each hundreds of years old. I wonder what will happen when their eccentric mother who’s been MIA for two centuries turns up again? Top it all off with some bear-kicking and a quest to visit the former bases of other players, and let’s call it an episode.

Having read the light novels, I can say that this is a laid-back tale of an OP protagonist enjoying life and having low-stress adventures after being isekai’d to a world based on a game, with some intriguing mysteries and heartwarming family sitcom antics mixed in (though Cayna’s kids don’t appear in person in this opening episode). I’m a fan of the books, and nothing about this episode dissuades from continuing to watch. However, as is often the case with first episodes of anime, I would have preferred that this episode explain a bit more, and I could see non-readers coming away kind of confused about things that were more explicit in the book. Hopefully the show will clarify some of those matters in future episodes. If the premise I’ve described sounds appealing to you, I definitely recommend trying out this episode.

In the Land of Leadale can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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