First Impression: Love of Kill

When Love of Kill first debuted as a manga, I was super intrigued. I ended up starting it and while I enjoyed the manga, I have since unfortunately fallen behind.

However, when I saw the trailer for the anime, I knew this was one I had to watch!

It went well above my expectations!

Chateau is a bounty hunter who arrives on the scene a little too late as there are multiple gun shots that have been fired, a man dead, and a killer, Ryang-Ha Song, who now has his eyes on her. When she aims to shoots at him in self-defense, what she doesn’t realize is that Ryang isn’t out to kill her, but to get to know her better. 

So begins her unexpected “adventure” with a wanted killer who wants to know her name and take her on a date. But what happens when the company she works for puts Ryang on their next target list? 

My first thoughts: This is so good!

While I have read up to volume two of Love of Kill, I enjoyed the anime a lot more. I think it better captures the romantic element that Love of Kill is marketed as and creates a more humorous atmosphere that I found especially enjoyable. The anime format really allows the interesting personality and antics of Ryang-Ha Song to shine and be even more thoroughly conveyed. I know Chateau’s “grumpiness” in regards to his said antics did! I absolutely loved it and caught myself smiling on more than one occasion! The animation studio truly did an excellent job of capturing these two light-and-day characters! 

Similar to the manga, the bloodiness of certain scenes still caught me off guard, especially in anime form because it has an overall lighter feel in the first episode. Don’t get me wrong! The first episode opens with shots fired and someone dead as said before, but as the episode continues, it’s quite relaxing (but only to a degree since these are bounty hunters and killers after all). Plus as was prominent in the manga, the anime does not shy away from featuring bloody scenes and people being shot. Thankfully and unlike the manga, I am able to close my eyes while watching the anime, but it is still something that leaves me a little disoriented at times.

Though it’s not related to the storytelling necessarily, I am a huge fan of the voice casting! The voice actor of Ryang-Ha Song, Hiro Shimono, was the perfect choice, and I deeply loved Chateau’s voice as well. They both nailed it! I also really appreciated how faithful of a manga adaption this was as that is something important to me as a viewer.

Also, the opening song is excellent! I will definitely be adding that to my playlist to listen to often!

I’m usually a very slow anime watcher and rarely keep up with new anime airing, but Love of Kill is one I’m eagerly anticipating more of. Just from what I know of the manga, I know the lighter atmosphere found in episode one won’t be continued much longer, but seeing more of the romantic vibes on screen was something I wanted more of from the manga and I was very glad to see it here in the anime!

Definitely recommend watching Love of Kill this season!

Love of Kill can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

3 thoughts on “First Impression: Love of Kill

  1. Nice to read this from you Laura, thanks a lot. I’ve become more sensitive to violent images over the last several years. Not so much from a moral point of view (though that is of course a factor) but it feels like a physical recoil for me. I loved that you addressed that and frankly admitted you just need to close your eyes sometimes. A great way to deal with problematic media that has many redeeming qualities for you.

    1. Sojiro, thank you so much for sharing! I’m very encouraged by your words because I confess I was a little nervous sharing how more often then not when it comes to blood and violence, I have to close my eyes. It also at times can create a physical recoil for me too! Agreed that it can be a great way to deal with problematic media! Now, if only I could do that in manga and still be able to read! LOL! Thank you again!

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