Throwback Thursday: BtT Valentine

It’s that time of year and love is in the air…or is that just the anime I’m watching? With anime, as you know, love is always in the air, with romance playing some part in the majority of series. And with that in mind, we’ve dropped a number of post about anime during Valentine’s Day in the past.

I’m preparing something a little different for the holiday this year (expect it on Monday!), but in anticipation, here are some articles our staff have developed in past years that’ll get you in the spirit!

Love and Soul: 12 Anime Couples for Valentine’s Day Out of Song and Scripture

Josh looks to I Corinthians, anime, and some of his favorite love songs for February 14th inspiration!

Annalyn’s Corner: Toxic Chocolate, Singleness, and Other Anime Valentines

Annalyn doesn’t care much for the holiday, but she still associates these anime with it in a fun way!

Domestic Girlfriend and the Idol of Romantic Love

Frank finds something worth noting in a show many dismiss as trashy.

Fanart Friday EXTRA: Happy Valentine’s Day from Mashu

Mash fanart for the big day!

Five Anime Couples to Warm Your Heart on Valentine’s Day

Some cute and, by now, fairly “old school” anime couples

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