First Impression: I’m Quitting Heroing

A destroyed modern city. Why the destruction? I have no clue. Cut to former hero Leo Demonheart trudging through the snowy mountains to the ruin of Demon Queen Echidna’s castle. He marches into the throne room, and before her and her four great generals…applies for a job. After being summarily thrown out, Leo meets with the four generals and reminisces about how he defeated them all, and then explains why he came. After defeating Echidna, Leo returned home to find that everyone was so terrified of how OP he was that they now consider him the real monster. They tried to lynch him, before the king caved to public pressure and banished Leo from the realm. Leo has an Ecclesiastes-esque “All is vanity!” moment, wondering why he fought so hard to protect these people. By the end of the episode, Leo manages to get hired for a one-month trial period, after which the generals will reevaluate whether to recommend that their queen hire him long-term. Also, a flashback hints that Echidna might be far more benevolent that we were initially led to believe.

Ooh, I’m getting Maoyu vibes, and I loved that show! The characters and relationship dynamics are different, but the odd-relationship-between-hero-and-not-so-evil-demon-queen premise still has lots of potential. The episode also reminds me a bit of Miss Kuroitsu, with its skewering of corporate life (specifically, job searches and hiring practices) juxtaposed with a fantastical background. If the rest of this anime continues in line with the first episode, then I think it will be a lot of fun. I am definitely on board.

I’m Quitting Heroing is streaming on HIDIVE.


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  1. I always get surprised that no matter how crazy a premise Japanese authors come up with, there are always multiple series that have a similar premise. I’m not sure if I’ve read this series, or one that’s very similar, but I plan to at least check out the first episode.

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