First Impression: RPG Real Estate

Cute girls do cute things, right? Well, this group of girls got into selling real estate and it’s an interesting take on this genre of anime. RPG Real Estate (RPG Fudousan) is about a small group of girls who help clients find the perfect home, 15 years after the defeat of the demon lord. There’s always a demon lord, right?

Kotone, a magician who recently graduated from school, wants to find a home and live in the big city since she is coming from the humble countryside. She has expectations that are slightly unrealistic given the real estate market, so the estate agents show her around and she is shocked by what’s available on her tight budget. Between a former witch’s home that is shrouded in darkness, an apartment at the top of a tower full of slimes that attack residents, or a room where adventurers search for items, the pickings are slim.

She finds a place that is to her liking and then announces that she will also be working with the group, which leaves some of them surprised. Her first day is with one of the hero champions who is looking for a place, though the RPG girls aren’t sure what the client wants. Kotone helps figure that out and the contract goes through, leaving everyone happy and looking forward to the next day.

Cute girl animes are certainly out of my comfort zone, and I only watched it because it had the acronym RPG in the title! For me, RPG equals Final Fantasy or other video game franchises, so I was hoping it was something about gaming but alas, I was bamboozled. Overall, I can’t blame the show for it not being something I would watch, and it wasn’t that bad. The animation was nice, the characters were pretty simple and there weren’t any major flaws that stood out to me. I would have liked the story to have been more fleshed out, as they don’t hint at what else will happen in later episodes. I won’t be back for more, but those that enjoy the sub-genre I think will.

You can stream RPG Real Estate on Crunchyroll


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  1. I wonder if this series will end up feeling like a cute girls version of Dragon Goes House Hunting. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing since I enjoyed the other series.

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