First Impression: Heroines Run the Show

If an anime not already on my radar is going to pull me in, sport elements, I’ve discovered, are the way to do it. During my lunch break today, I saw that Heroines Run the Show had just premiered and I decided to give it a try upon learning that the main character, Hiyori Suzumi, moves to Tokyo to become a runner on a high school track team since her local high school didn’t have one. The title of the series is thus a nice play on words.

After the opening ceremony at her new high school, Suzumi discovers that two of Japan’s most popular high school idols happen to be in her class! Unlike most (or all) of the girls in her school though, she has no interest in idols or these two boys. Yet when Suzumi hears some unexpected news and needs to find a job right away, her path seems like it might just cross theirs after all. 

I can’t say I’ve watched much idol anime, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one! Suzumi is a fun character to root for and her getting lost easily makes her all the more endearing. Throw in her “ignorance” about the idol boys and her dream of becoming a professional runner, and I found her to be a compelling heroine. Plus, I loved seeing Tokyo through her eyes as a newcomer to the city, and appreciated how excited she is to be there!

I also liked the rest of the cast—well, except the idols. Ha! Can’t say I was fond of them, but I have a feeling that there will be plenty of shenanigans on the way, and I’m curious to see where things go. I’m also eager to see Suzumi interact with her new friends, because they seem like a fun and supportive bunch!

I wasn’t overly fond of the opening song, but I loved the creativity of the animation during the OP. It is so much fun! Maybe it’s because the second season of Shield Hero started airing and I have fantasy on my mind, but I deeply enjoyed the strong fantasy elements as they played out. The closing song is great; I thought it was a perfect choice, especially given how the episode ends!

Overall, I’m not sure I had any expectations when coming into this anime, but I’m already making a note to watch new episodes on my lunch break on Thursdays! It was a really enjoyable first episode and sort of gives me lowkey vibes of Ouran High School Host Club. I can definitely say I’m here for it!

Heroines Run the Show is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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