First Impression: Shoot! Goal to the Future

Hideto Tsuji is not okay. Playing video games in cooperative mode, he keeps having flashbacks of his time as a middle school soccer star. He was the glorious shooter with the top goal count, up until this blond player who made the perfect passes left the team. The sudden change in attitude of the audience, who started calling him ‘useless’, traumatized Hideto so much that thinking about it makes him puke. Literally, mind you. After quitting, he plays plays video games, deals with his working mum, and gives venomous looks to the soccer team of Kakegawa High School (of Aoki Densetsu Shoot! fame), now in a state of decadence. Such dirty looks spark conflict with the enthusiastic goalie of the team, to which the new manager is a witness. Of course, a conflict like this may only be solved on the field of honor, that is, in a duel between shooter and goalie.

Okay. It’s fair to say that Shoot! Goal to the Future overdoes it a little. Rays of blue light come from the eyes of our protagonist when he shoots. His reaction to bring called ‘useless’, and the reactions of the goalie to his smirk, almost reach JoJo levels of exaggeration at times. And the repeated flashbacks we return to again and again—especially the ones concerning Hideto’s past glory—are, ahem, not as effective when we come back to them for the third time in the course of twenty minutes. That said, Aoki Densetsu Shoot! is indeed famous (though I have yet to watch it), and after the heights that Major 2nd Season 2 reached using this formula, I’m partial to it. Let’s see if it draws from the original in interesting ways, or becomes so theatrical I cannot take it seriously. Both are distinct possibilities right now.

Shoot! Goal to the Future can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

3 thoughts on “First Impression: Shoot! Goal to the Future

  1. As much as I like soccer IRL, I’ve never really been interested in soccer anime. I started Inazuma 11 but didn’t finish the first season.

    1. For my part, I think I could like a soccer anime. But I like realistic relationships, subtlety and a more poetic approach. Haikyuu!!, Ping Pong The Animation and Chihayafuru are some of my favorites.

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