First Impression: Classroom of the Elite (Season 2)

Welcome back to Sociopath High, the school where everything’s made up and the points DO matter! The story resumes with Classes A, B, C, and D returning from the tropic isle where they took a three-hour tour at the close of the previous season five years ago. The episode opens with a pretentious literary quotation, just like the prior season. The lead character is still Ayanokoji, the self-effacing mastermind who views literally everyone else as a disposable pawn. In this episode, the school cruise ship embarks on the voyage home, and while no space whale probe appears, the school does impose an elaborate, high stakes guessing game on the students, setting the stage for more scheming.

The great thing is that you could randomly select any characters from this show, and the quote would still be true!

Hey, remember this series? The setting is a super-messed-up public high school that spares no expense in raising up a generation of utterly cutthroat future leaders. Watch as the complete idiots, the obviously evil kids, the students with hidden dark sides, and the jerks who might secretly be slightly more sympathetic than they seem all square off in a state-sponsored battle of wits (albeit not to the death…yet?). (There might be one or two genuinely kind people mixed in, but it’s hard to tell.) If you’ve been wishing for an anime about psychologically disturbed, manipulative high school students plotting against each other, check this out. There are enough mystery and thriller elements to arouse my curiosity. Of course, if you’re interested, you really should start with the first season.

Classroom of the Elite is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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