First Impression: Made In Abyss – The Golden City Of The Scorching Sun

Welcome back to the journey to the ends of the world! Beneath the Great Abyss lies treasure, mystery, and truths that have been hidden for ages and which our young adventurers seek to discover. This new season starts off not with our usual team, but with a previous group who went in search of the Golden City some time ago to hopefully plunder some of its wealth and live in a place all their own. There are three sages in this party, Belaf, Wazukyan, and Vueko, who lead the Ganja corps. Together, they use a special compass that leads them to the abyss, but once they arrive, the team finds out that it isn’t as easy to discover the Golden City as they thought. The episode then returns to Reg, Riko, and Nanachi, and continues their story from the end of the film Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul. The three main heroes from the current timeline take an elevator that looks like the pods that Vegeta and Nappa arrived in from Dragonball Z down to the sixth layer, The Capital of the Unreturned. It’s here that the Ganja group reached in the past as well.

Vueko, one of the three sages with a tragic and disturbing backstory

After years of waiting, there’s finally a season two of Made In Abyss! I’m a fan of this series and I love the mysteriousness of it and the colorful artwork and alluring soundtrack from season one. I’ve read most of this section from the manga, so I know what’s coming for the most part, but I can’t wait to see it drawn out in anime form. I was impressed by how this initial episode switched between the past and present to give viewers a fuller picture of what this sixth layer will be about. Introducing new characters is also refreshing, although the story of the Ganja group is a little disturbing, especially in the first few minutes, so keep that in mind.

I am looking forward to watching more, but for those new to this anime, you definitely need to catch up to understand what is going on as there’s no recap of what happened prior to this season. It’s worth it though—I hope you also get sucked into the beautiful abyss that is this anime.

Made In Abyss can be streamed on HIDIVE.


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