Fanart Friday, Too: Serial Experiments Lain

The further we get from Serial Experiments Lain, the more I find the themes of that series to be current and meaningful—a classic series, joining another one that’s perhaps even more meaningful, Haibane Renmei, as masterpieces from Yoshitoshi ABe.

I implore you to check out our episode-by-episode march through Lain from a few years back as we celebrated its 20th anniversary.

852話serial experiments lain 」 ☆

reprinted w/permission

2 thoughts on “Fanart Friday, Too: Serial Experiments Lain

  1. Serial Experiments Lain is such a classic! I haven’t watched that in such a long time! Oh, I didn’t know it was the same creators that made Haibane Renmei. No wonder I liked both of them so much!

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