Fanart Friday, Too: Of Gundams and Tomatoes

If you like to talk to tomatoes
If a squash can make you smile
If you like to waltz with potatoes
Up and down the produce aisle…

Have we got a Gundam for you!*

I’m so used to eating tomatoes that are cultivated for in-store ripening that I’d forgotten what a really yummy one tastes like. But a good, fresh tomato can be pretty fantastic, as Suletta discovers in the new Gundam sensation, The Witch from Mercury.

She’s joined in the series by an “ice princess” type, the grower of said tomatoes, Miorine Rembran. Check out these lovely illustrations of the two below!

HxxGスレッタ・マーキュリー // ミオリネ・レンブラン 」 ☆

reprinted w/permission

* These are of course a slight modification of the lyrics from the VeggieTales theme song, written by Lisa Vischer and Mike Nawrocki

One thought on “Fanart Friday, Too: Of Gundams and Tomatoes

  1. Such an adorable picture! Though, I have to admit, I’m not a fan of fresh tomatoes. Much to squishy. For me, the best place to find tomatoes is in a sauce, on a pizza.

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