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What do you do (as a guy) when you have five girls who want your attention, yet you don’t want to disappoint any of them? And to complicate things further, what if it’s your job to tutor them and make sure they pass high school and go on to either college or start their journey toward a career? Oh, and you’re broke, but you need the money to support your father and sister, so you can’t just resign and step away from the whole mess? Futaro, our unlikely bachelor, is in exactly that situation, and as a result, he has had all sorts of ups and downs trying to navigate the demanding quintuplets who are all beautiful, have different personalities, and are vying for his attention. It can be a little hard to manage!

During two seasons of The Quintessential Quintuplets, we have inched closer and closer to the resolution of this impossible quandary, and to seeing who Futaro will end up marrying. This is not a spoiler, as it’s the first scene shown in episode one, but the identity of his bride has led us to the end of the anime with this 2-hour+ movie. Questions that have been left unanswered all this time are resolved along the way, as are his relationships with each of the sisters.

The movie starts off with everyone getting ready for their last school festival, which serves as a bit of a refresher for those like myself who haven’t seen the quintuplets up to their usual hijinks in a while. Besides the debate of who will eat takoyaki or pancakes, a new character is introduced to create tension among the sisters and Futaro. 

After a bit of a slow start, the movie picks up the pace as each sister starts to take action in her individual relationship with Futaro. Meanwhile, Futaro still isn’t sure who he truly likes, leaving it to the sisters to each make a move and spark in him some kind of understanding. This doesn’t go as well as planned though when a character from the past appears and throws a wrench in everyone’s schemes. How they handle this turn of events speaks a lot to the journey these characters have been on throughout the series.

Futaro finally makes his choice after the school festival ends. The emotional moment of realization about who he is truly in love with, and the reveal as to which sister it was that he met as a boy, leaves the remaining sisters feeling as you’d expect: let down. I won’t spoil this with details, but just know that each girl had her own response, exactly as you would imagine. But you’ll have to check out the film to know who he says yes to!

Overall, unresolved conflicts lingering from the series are all dealt with here, if rather quickly, which I felt downplayed the importance of these conflicts after all that the two seasons had developed. I did appreciate that the movie left no stone unturned though—even stones that I didn’t know needed to be turned! 

We also learn more about the sisters’ parents and the impact they had on their daughters’ lives as they grew into adulthood. It was touching to see flashbacks of them with their mom, whether for better or worse. It made the sisters seem more real and relatable, since we have all had these same kinds of definitive experiences, conversations, or situations that directed our paths to where we are now.

The movie deals with having to make decisions in life that affect others for good or ill. Major life choices like going to a certain school, marrying someone, moving away, having children, switching careers—all the types of things that, even though they may benefit you, can negatively affect someone else. Watching the girls facing such situations made me remember that I have had to do the same as well, and even though it has hurt others, I couldn’t live my life just to make everyone happy. Like the quintuplets, I have made choices in my own life that have had painful consequences, and I have gotten through by God’s grace and guidance.

In the end, I was satisfied with the conclusion to the series that the movie provides. It was an enjoyable story and I’m glad I went along for Futaro’s rollercoaster with these wonderful sisters!

One parting word of advice: Before going into this movie, don’t read any spoilers! Just reading the name of the sister online somewhere will ruin it for you, so just a heads up.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie is released by Crunchyroll.


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