12 Days of Christmas Anime (2022)

Christmas is just a few weeks out, and as we anticipate its coming, our staff at Beneath the Tangles wants to encourage you to consider how meaningful the holiday is. We do that each year through the most otaku of ways—by commenting on Christmas episodes of anime!

Taiga Christmas

Join us beginning on December 14th as we count down the days until Christmas by examining one episode of anime each day in light of the holy day’s significance and meaning. We’ll be looking at a variety of series—classic, popular, and obscure—as well as a few episodes of 2022 anime.

We hope you’ll join us along this journey toward Christmas 2022. Merry (anime) Christmas!

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Anime (2022)

  1. I know most slice of life anime has Christmas episodes, but what about isekai? I ask because most of what I watch is isekai.

    1. A lot of isekai have these episodes that show a holiday that’s reminiscent of Christmas but not quite the same, since it’s in a different world. Hrmm…we’d probably consider adding some of those (and in fact, I think we have some in our list above).

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