First Impression: Giant Beasts Of Ars

Giant beasts once ruled the land that humans live on, but since the latter took over, these enormous monsters are not pleased. They attack and destroy villages, people, and anything in their path. During the intro, a huge battle is underway, and a man with a spear goes to duel the creature with the power of what seems like an ice spirit of some kind. 30 years later, we meet a girl named Kumi who is locked away in prison and escapes by kicking the door out and making a break for it. She escapes and ends up in a town, befriending a flower shop owner who gives her a dress since hers was wet and dirty. In the morning, she meets a cat-loving merchant who sells crystals, jewelry, and other trinkets that come from the hides of the monsters. Kumi takes a liking to a ring on the cat sitting on the young merchant’s head and puts it on, even though she’s warned it’s a cursed ring. It gives off a strange glow, but nothing else occurs. Elsewhere in town, a man named Jiro, who seems to be just a regular mercenary for hire, signs up to help a group lure a monster into an ambush. Luckily, he’s not as tired as he seems and helps save a man before being killed by the huge pig-like beast.

When night falls, the soldiers that are chasing after Kumi—also called a prototype by the captain—are found and shot at with arrows. She suddenly lights on fire and burns several soldiers to a crisp, but before more damage is done, Jiro jumps out to save her and somehow communicates with her mentally. He tells her they need to stop the beast that invaded the town.

Today’s new season releases had others that interested me, but this one really hadn’t based on the trailer alone. Once I gave it my attention, though, it wasn’t all that bad. The music fit the atmosphere well, while the animation had some high points; but overall it wasn’t that impressive. More time devoted to fleshing out the world and what is happening would have been helpful; I felt confused the more I watched, as little was explained. Why are there giant monsters? Who is Kumi? Why can Jiro talk to her telepathically, and why does he have a sword that flies to him? So many questions, and few answers; and though this is good bait to bring viewers back, I don’t think I’ll be back for more.

You can watch Giant Beasts Of Ars on HIDIVE.


3 thoughts on “First Impression: Giant Beasts Of Ars

  1. It sounds like a lot happened for just the first episode. Way too many characters introduced too.

    1. Sort of, they are in the episode we just have no clue who they are. These kind of first episodes are the ones I don’t enjoy. Its like opening up a fiction book at chapter 4 but you don’t know what happened in the previous chapters and have to guess whats going on.

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