First Impression: Trigun Stampede

Vash the Stampede, a man with a $$6,000,000 bounty on his head, is found hanging upside down from a rope (but still alive) by Meryl Stryfe, who is on the hunt for an interview with him. She’s with veteran reporter, Roberto, who believes Vash to be a monster who has taken many lives, but Meryl is skeptical and won’t turn Vash over to the police just yet. Vash, Meryl, and Roberto arrive at Jeneora Rock where the locals are in need of clean water. Vash has helped these folks in the past so they are glad to see him alive. He offers to help them again, and see what he can do about the plant that produces the precious H2O. When they arrive at the plant, Vash notes that it needs to be replaced, but it would cost a large amount of coin to swap it for a new one. The situation gets complicated when the military police arrive, but instead of being taken into custody, Vash and their captain end up in a deadly duel that endangers the entire town. Thankfully with enough luck and skill, the blonde vigilante saves the day and continues his search for his brother, Knives, who is seen at the end.

Trigun is an anime I hold dear, as it’s one of the first older series I watched, well after it had aired on TV. Having enjoyed the original, I’ll admit that I wasn’t too excited that they transitioned to CG for this remake, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality! There were facial gestures, background shots and explosions that stood out in a good way, though at times I would cringe because the limitations of CG would show through. Change is good, and Trigun Stampede uses the original plot but has new characters like Roberto and Rosa, while maintaining the no-nonsense attitude of Meryl and Vash’s charming silliness. Starting the year off with this wonderful new take on a classic is great and I hope that it continues to entertain every week.

Trigun Stampede is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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  1. I enjoyed the return to Vash the Humanoid Typhoon as well. The tweaks to the plot makes this so far a fresh take on Trigun, though I do miss Milly.

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