Fanart Friday: Konosuba’s Shining Darkness

Darkness, the crusader who joins the main party in Konosuba, is quirky, to say the least (if you know, you know). She’s also brave and lovable, a perfect fit into a surprisingly engaging light novel series. As one of the protagonists, she’s also heavily featured in the recent Konosuba fan book release.

Who’s your favorite female knight character from anime? Darkness? Saber (the “King of Knights”)? Someone else?

SyriDarkness 」 ☆

reprinted w/permission

2 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: Konosuba’s Shining Darkness

  1. Even if she was created as a thinly disguised Saber stand-in, Alicetaria from “Re:Creators” is a personal favorite Lady Knight. Also, given the choice between “Sabers”, I’d actually go with her daughter Mordred because Tomboy.

    And if we’re willing to fudge the definition of “Knight” slightly, Emeraldas (“Queen Emeraldas”) and Hild (“Vinland Saga”) are also excellent versions of the character.

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