VIDEO: Spring 2023 Anime Preview

The spring 2023 anime season is mere days away, officially launching this Saturday! And just as it’s been with these past several seasons, this one looks like it’ll be packed to the brim with series for most anyone’s taste!

We’ll be reviewing the first episodes of many of these shows as they premiere. In the meantime, to help you get hyped for the couple of weeks of new anime ahead, we’ve prepared a preview video featuring ten of the anime we’re most looking forward to in spring 2023 (here’s a desktop-friendly version)!

Anime featured in our preview video:

  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Swordsmith Village Arc
  • The Dangers in My Heart
  • The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2
  • Insomniacs After School
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Season 2
  • Skip and Loafer
  • Loving Yamada at Lv999
  • Heavenly Delusion
  • A Galaxy Next Door
  • Oshi no Ko

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Which anime series are you most looking forward to this coming spring season?

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