First Impression: My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

A heroine already having her heart broken by her longstanding boyfriend isn’t the happiest way to start off an anime, but that is exactly what happens to Akane in My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999! Not only did her boyfriend break up with her, but he broke up with her for a girl in a game they played together, no less! Akane tries to push through the hard feels by logging into the game Forest of Savior and venting some of her frustration virtually. Once there, she meets Yamada-kun and tells him about the breakup she just had. The thing is, he’s not interested and walks off! Angry at these “gamer guys,” she decides to attend the upcoming event for Forest of Savior, with plans to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Things don’t quite go as planned though, as she not only encounters Yamada again but also ends up introducing Yamada to her ex-boyfriend as her new boyfriend!

The anime I was most nervous about this season was definitely My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999! I read the manga earlier this year on the Mangamo app and then promptly went and reread it all over again! The opening song of the anime was a perfect fit for this wonderful story and hooked me right from the start, but even better, the rest of the episode perfectly captured all the humor and bittersweetness of the opening manga chapters. The way Akane’s heartbreak is highlighted, combined with the very chibi facial expressions, keeps this first episode upbeat, just as the manga was, despite Akane’s many woes. And speaking of the expressions, the way they are animated made me laugh so much, which definitely makes me eager to see how the conversations between Akane and Yamada will be brought to life! The voice acting was definitely everything I had hoped it would be, and I think they captured the bright personality of Akane and the very chill and down-to-earth personality of Yamada. While there isn’t much of the gaming aspect outside of the introduction of Forest of Savior and seeing their avatars, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing more of that as well. Overall, this shojo anime has stolen my heart just as much as the manga did. I would highly recommend it if you enjoyed the manga or are looking for a new sweet shojo anime to try!

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Laura A. Grace

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